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Apparently Linux didn't like my taking it for granted (Karked up the sound during KDE 3.2.3 upgrade...)

Booted up my shiny new KDE 3.2.3 install this morning to see if the dratted bugs in Eric would go away with the new version. However, on loading, the sound was gone. That is, though every mixer I could find (including all the command-line ones) said that every channel was enabled, there was no sound ...

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First full day of work on Linux (Though I had to pop into Windows a few times to pick up missing items...)

This is somewhat of a milestone for me. My first day of doing real work (i.e. not work-that's-setting-up-Linux-or-learning-how-to-administer-Linux, but actual paying work) on my Gentoo workstation. I missed having "The Daily Show" on while I worked (gatos still won't install), but I kept at it.

I've filed about 5 bug reports today. Most of them ...

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