First full day of work on Linux (Though I had to pop into Windows a few times to pick up missing items...)

This is somewhat of a milestone for me. My first day of doing real work (i.e. not work-that's-setting-up-Linux-or-learning-how-to-administer-Linux, but actual paying work) on my Gentoo workstation. I missed having "The Daily Show" on while I worked (gatos still won't install), but I kept at it.

I've filed about 5 bug reports today. Most of them were for Eric3, the code-editor of which was frustrating enough to have me screaming curses at it (yes, I can be moved to curse, it just takes a heck of a lot). Really low-level stuff, like key-presses being ignored, and problems with ctrl and shift depression overlapping slightly causing common operations (e.g. cut-and-paste) to fail. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're editing code you're cutting and pasting constantly. Having each cut+paste take an extra second or 10 as you do it, second-guess whether it worked, so do it again, go to try it, realise it failed, go back and do it over again can really slow you down.

I am finding the "project" browser in Eric useful, though I'm currently using it on a very small project. Don't know how its flat view is going to work on a project like OpenGLContext or Cinemon. Would still like to be able to do a right-click in Konquerer and send Python files to the running Eric instance.

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8.0, (which includes a number of critical security fixes), for some reason decided to be balky on Linux. Strange, as the 0.7.3 version surprised me at being so accomodating when I finally configured it to share the email profile with the Windows 0.8.0 Thunderbird. May have to revert to reading mail on Windows... which would make it far less likely that I'll keep working in Linux.

Emerge tells me I should be updating KDE, so I suppose I'll head off to bed and let it build overnight. Maybe it'll solve all my Eric3 problems.


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