Impressive how much faster it goes when you have a working shell (Command history and emerge flags are the source of all good for tonight...)

Now that I have a bash prompt again (see here for that), have seen a huge improvement in my working speed on the Cinemon demo (I'd only managed 8 hours or so on it in almost two days without a prompt, I've typed in the same dratted string hundreds of times because KDE doesn't remember commands in it's ctrl-e-in-Konqueror dialog (which was the only execution environment I had) and Eric3 doesn't seem to handle running scripts particularly well).

Have the manhole working (the prompt we'll use to tweak the network during the demo), the MockCMTS being used as the source for the scanning (i.e. the fake CMTS and modems), the CMTS watcher discovering the fake channels and modems, and the web-server serving up the current SVG graphic on-demand. However, something silly is keeping the scanner from actually running. Must be something pretty dumb, as the unit-tests run fine. I'm guessing it's going to just jump out at me when I sit down to work tomorrow. I don't yet have confirmation that the modems are picking up their addresses (since I don't yet have an address-set matched to the synthetically-generated modems), should write a unit-test for that I suppose. I'm sure they're not getting assigned to physical groups yet, as I haven't told anything to do that yet.

Oh, the world-rebuilding is going quite nicely. Without all the hung bash instances it's going 5 or 6 times faster (at least) than before, already something like 1/2 done. It's already compiling the rather troublesome KDE PIM package that links to gpgme (read back a few postings for why that's an annoyance). Hopefully there won't be any more failures/crashes that keep it from completing. All goes well I could have a healthy operating system and a crude demo-skeleton by tomorrow evening.


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