SVG makes the world a wonderful thing (When you get it installed and set up...)

SVG really needs to get itself set up with automated installers. Sure, IE on Windows gets it easily, but everything else needs more work than it should need. I wound up unable to compile the Java stand-alone SVG viewer (it ran out of memory on a 1GB machine), so I decided to build the Mozilla suite with SVG. Built perfectly, but I had to jump through a few hoops to enable it (or, rather, font support within it). Also would be nice if it were possible to embed directly in HTML and have it work everywhere, but I suppose the iframe approach is okay.

Unfortunately, the Mozilla SVG refuses to run the script in our main SVG graphic. Not a huge loss, as real-world users are more likely to run Win+IE, but it'd be nice to have for testing.

Anywho, spent most of the day working on Cinemon (also had a management meeting). Got the demo moved to the point where you can see the MockCMTS being scanned in real-time, you can turn on/off modems as you like from the manhole, and every group watcher is tracking every modem which is a descendent, rather than just the immediate children. For some reason only 100 of the 500 modems are showing up... don't know why yet, probably something stupid that I'm not catching because it's too late.


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