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Philosophy lectures march on (Through the magic of a shuffling algorithms...)

As you may recall, gentle readers, I've been trying to get through a series of 50 lectures on the Great Ideas in the History of Philosophy. I did the first 35 or 40 in order, then got bogged down, so I decided to just include the lectures in the Juk player and let them ...

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Adding user-authentication to your Twisted web-site (Another HowTo for undocumented features...)

Following along from the recent post describing how to make your Twisted web-server use SSL sockets, a slightly more involved HowTo describing how to setup HTTP authentication and Twisted's cred module. First, before you say anything, yes, this (using Nevow to guard regular twisted.web) is the "right" way according to the Nevow developers ...

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Apparently I'm too tired to think (twisted.web + authentication stymies me...)

fzZzy has been trying to help me set up twisted.cred authentication, for which (apparently) I need Nevow. I can't see how to make the security wrapper from Nevow work with the resources from twisted.web. Not a huge loss, I've only basically got 3 resources at the moment, I can convert to ...

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