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Sept. 27, 2004 - Oct. 3, 2004

Maybe it's slow because all database access goes through the single queue (Or maybe there's just too many deferred's scheduled)

Too tired to test the hypothesis this evening, but I'm wondering if the reason the user interactions are being held up so long is that they are trying to execute a database operation. Database operations are linearised to avoid deadlocks, which could quite readily be resulting in any given database-dependent operation taking a long time ...

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Still bites, but not that way (SSL-encrypted connection works, but not regular)

[oops, forgot to hit submit last night]

Got past that little roadblock. Now I'm trying to work on getting the performance up to something usable. The intensive scanning mode that works beautifully on my workstation is killing the (far less powerful) server. I can regenerate the overall views as fast as I can hit refresh ...

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Twisted bites me (Oh, how frustrating this is...)

One of the reasons for moving to Linux for my workstation was to have my development environment closer to the production server environment. The theory being that with two Unix-ish operating systems, I could rely on being able to readily move code from one to the other without those annoying "oh, that works fine on ...

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That state of fatigue and joy (Where you just can't sleep...)

After the PyGTA meeting I was way too excited to sleep, but wasn't particularly in any shape to be doing "real" work (just too tired to think clearly). What should you do when you get to that point? Well obviously, computer graphics, relaxing, easy, no real effort involved.

Since Cenzio (hope I got his name ...

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That was just too fun (Why do I do this programming stuff again?)

Discussion after PyGTA went right past closing time of the pool-hall, with John (new friend, also new to Python), Tim and I finally cutting off the conversation because the Charlotte room people seemed to want to close :) . Lots of good conversation topics throughout the evening, science fiction, my little surveilance blimp (art) project, ...

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DDOS attacks starting again (What's with these people, don't they have spam to send or something?)

I need to put together a little disk for distribution. Something to automate the installation of AVG and Zone Alarm, turn on windows update, replace IE with Mozilla with auto-updating turned on, delete Outlook and Outlook Express, turn off all the various ports MS stupidly leaves open, and generally clean up the mess MS has ...

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Philosophy lectures march on (Through the magic of a shuffling algorithms...)

As you may recall, gentle readers, I've been trying to get through a series of 50 lectures on the Great Ideas in the History of Philosophy. I did the first 35 or 40 in order, then got bogged down, so I decided to just include the lectures in the Juk player and let them show ...

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Apparently I'm too tired to think (twisted.web + authentication stymies me...)

fzZzy has been trying to help me set up twisted.cred authentication, for which (apparently) I need Nevow. I can't see how to make the security wrapper from Nevow work with the resources from twisted.web. Not a huge loss, I've only basically got 3 resources at the moment, I can convert to Nevow, but I need ...

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