Quadratic Bezier Splines

So as part of my little Quake 3 BSP loader (twitch) I need to render Quadratic Bezier Spline patches.  I want to do the whole thing from a VBO, so I'm doing the tessellation manually (I also wanted to do it to play).  The basic rendering is now working, that is, I can render a hand-coded QBS into a render-able piece of geometry (in OpenGLContext) with auto-generated normals and texture coordinates.  The BSP format, however, allows the modeller to specify (2) texture coordinates and normals for each control point so that the resulting geometry should cleanly interpolate between those values across the patch (at the moment I just interpolate between the 4 corner points).  It *also* appears to be using a different definition of the order of the control points, as my code currently creates a mess rather than a patch when loading real files.


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