Another good day (Statistics display for CMTS working)

Had a bit of an "oops" this morning as Tim called my attention to the fact that the billing system is relying on the current Cinemon for it's bandwidth-usage data. Means that I can't leave the demo scanner running for Bryan... eeps, just realised writing that that I never sent him his password/url combination.

Discovered a bug in the MockCMTS code where it returns the wrong OID when queried. Also discovered that the group-scanning code is too sensitive in deciding to switch to "intensive" scanning (which is contributing to the slowdown).

Building the first direct Nevow-template bridges today, actually worked just as easily as maintaining the twisted.web bridge. Probably just kill the remaining instance when I get a chance.

Still another couple of hours to go today. 3 days of work left before the dress rehearsal on Friday. Still looks quite doable, he says, eyeing the list of todo items sitting on his desk.


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