Conferencing software (Emulation setup should work better when enabled...)

One of the things we've been trying to get put together is simple audio-conferencing software for use among the partners in VexTech. Problem is that I've not been able to get Skype working on my workstation (an AMD64 box). However, Tim has got it working, so it's almost certainly a problem with my box.

So, have spent this awkward time before I head out for a meeting, (and while waiting for a phone call) seeing if I can't get my machine firing on all cylinders.

Spent a bit of time poking about and realised (on reading the "how to run 32 bit binaries on your 64-bit machine" docs) that my machine is using an old Gentoo profile (from back when I built the OS) and had explicitly disabled 32-bit emulation (multilib) for GCC (don't know when or why that happened, but it was disabled).

Now, OpenOffice was working, so other 32-bit systems might have worked too, but I figure I'll update to the new profile and explicitly enable multilib. Maybe that will solve the KDE problems too (I can dream).

Anyway, the recompile will probably continue until after I've left for the meeting, so I suppose I'll find out if it worked tomorrow.

Nope, no joy in that. Just a broken gcc (can't run the executables it's producing). Considering telling it to rebuild the whole dependency tree, but I'm not sure that will result in any of the new stuff working. Multilib seems to be masked in the newer profiles, which is somewhat weird. Maybe I'm mis-reading it. Anyway, other things to think about, tell it to rebuild and move on with them.


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    x on 06/27/2005 11:32 p.m. #

    Tim got 32 bit linux Skype working on amd64 freebsd no less. Tim got 32 bit linux Skype working on amd64 freebsd no less.

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