but 19 hours of sleep makes you a new man (Well, gets you to the point where you aren't sleepy... almost.)

Demo went fairly well, despite 2 major bugs that made it impossible to do a true dress-rehearsal (i.e. stepping through each and every element of a demonstration as if we had an audience). I basically answered emails and then went to sleep when I got home yesterday. Have been sleeping on and off since then.

I've got approximately 16 hours of billable work to do this weekend, so about 30 hours of actual work. There are 5 bugs and 20 or 30 todo items on the list.

Spent much of the visit to ACI creating a hierarchic map for one of their fiber-optic nodes. Apparently was much simpler than Bryan was expecting. He'd planned to have one of his minions slaving away all day today on it, but we got so far so fast in a couple of hours he just decided we'd finish it ourselves. Using the simple textual format really does appear to have been a major win. I can only imagine how long that would have taken with the old through-the-web editing method.


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