Disappearing hours! (Forgetting to log time is a bad feeling...)

We (VexTech) do contract programming, and generally I try to bill to the minute, just for those minutes actually spent on the project. It keeps me focused on the needs of the project when working at home.

Unfortunately, today, I had at least an hour, maybe two, where I forgot to record time, mostly because I switched into working without realising I was working (just paging through windows, come across something that should be fixed, fix it, find something else broken, fix that, a couple of hours later I realise I never marked down the start time).

It's somewhat annoying, as, when it comes right down to it, this isn't really "fun" work. It's just piles of pointless details to shovel about. In the same day I lost track a number of times as I played with the VoIP system and losing those minutes doesn't phase me in the least (though, of course, we're also not charging for those hours).

Anyway, long story short, I billed too few hours today. That's not good for the bottom line. Must shape up.


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