Well, that's at least one leak fixed (Now just need to run for 4 or 5 hours to test it)

Found a small leak. Basically I keep a table to all streets with (num,apt) indexing lists of modems at that location (normally only a single modem). The code to do that, however, was assuming that it was starting from scratch (i.e. at system load time), whereas these days the locations are re-loaded every 20 minutes or so as part of the rediscovery process. Even if they weren't, the original code would be leaking memory whenever a new location-set was loaded.

Interestingly (well, to me), I'd been having no luck whatsoever tracking this down by examining the code. It was only when I took 10 minutes to meditate on the problem that I realised where it was. Guess all those "do the problem in your head" exercises Dad put us through had some benefit :) .

I'm planning on going down to College street to pick up the TV Wonder card in a few minutes, then walk over to the Unix Unanimous meeting, so I suppose I'll let the scanner run while I'm away. Need to put the "big" (old) scanner online for a few hours at some point to let it collect data for the billing system too.


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