Nova isn't the right model for usb to vga (Many competing little shops...)

Checked every store at Nova. They are a collection of about 80 stalls on four levels. The prices were okay for USB keys (though if my conversions were right, no better than College Street in Toronto). There was one shop that had two flexible USB keyboards, but they didn't have a model I could test with the XO... I assume it would work, but returning it if it didn't would be a serious pain.

Which left the big item; the usb to vga adapter. I know I can purchase this in North America (it shows up in various online retailers' catalogues), but none of the shops at Nova had one. It's not that surprising, they all have only so much space for inventory, so they need to stock high-turnover items. The two largest computer-part and accessory stores at least knew what I was talking about, but they don't stock that kind of part.

So, didn't wind up purchasing anything, though I did let one of the salespeople play with the XO for a while. There was an Asus in one of the shops, still in shrink-wrap, no price advertised. That particular salesperson didn't speak English, so didn't get very far asking about it.

I played with one at the OS Taipei meeting, and the keyboard was almost as difficult for me as the XO. My hands are largish (though I'm a pretty small man), and with both keyboards my fingers interfere with each other as they move about. So, likely not going to pick up an Asus, save maybe to test porting to it. They are pretty looking machines, but I couldn't use one as my main platform without the same kind of attachments as the XO (though they wouldn't need the VGA adapter).

After that over to the temple. It was almost identical to the two Buddhist temples I photographed on Monday... to the extent that I'm very suspicious that it really was a Buddhist temple and that the Confucian temple is somewhere nearby. I didn't want to bother Yap so late, so I headed back to the hotel room.

Tomorrow I don't really have a plan. I'd love to do something social, but everyone is working (it's the middle of the week, after all). Alternately would love to do something nature-ish. Considering just renting a bicycle and touring the parks along the rivers. I'd love to get all the way out to untouched nature, but that doesn't seem particularly likely on the metro :) .


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