Professional Development Day (Or, my day of reading...)

I hate getting distracted while I'm working. It's just something I know about myself. My mind is just too active to allow me to have lots of things going on around me. I'll jump from the task at hand to discussions of just about anything and spend hours not getting any work done.

So, since I was expecting a phone call this afternoon, I couldn't gear up for any serious hacking. Instead I spent the afternoon doing cleanup and refactoring, basically pulling the reusable Twisted application fragments out of Cinemon to use in the Hotspot project (whenever I get a spec for it).

Toward the end of it, I sat down to re-read the Nevow (Twisted's newer web framework) documentation (such as it is). I've been pondering how to integrate this with BasicProperty. Seems like what will be necessary is providing either a template extension or a generic bridge that lets you say "render this property of this object" here. The data flag is almost there, but it requires writing a method for every single data value (which is silly when they're all property driven).


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