Sigh, looks like the collapse is coming... (Myopic, spendthrift policies to continue south of the border)

It's interesting talking with people who are watching the US slide deeper and deeper into unsustainable debt while ticking off just about everyone else in the world. There's talk of massive recession, complete devaluation of the dollar, and basically a collapse of what passes for society down there.

The problem, of course, is that as currently rigged, the US collapse will wind up taking a large part of the "developed" world with it, Canada in particular. I keep thinking I should invest in land now, in anticipation of the devaluation of currency... but who has time to do that kind of thing these days?

It looks like the fools have elected the wolves for another four years, to cut for themselves the fat of the land while driving the populace as a whole into crushing debt. Bin Laden's stated goals of driving the US to bankruptcy seem ever so much closer to realisation now.

I do wonder if he really was trying to prop up Bush by appearing last week (I suspect so, knee-jerk responses are so much more likely from the US populace these days). Of course, the fact that the Democrats fielded someone almost actively uninteresting means that possibly you can't blame the uninterested and uneducated populace for not choosing him.


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