Why am I home on a Saturday night? (This is just pitiful...)

I keep thinking I'll sit down to work on PyOpenGL and having waves of ennui (can ennui form a wave? more of a sluggish oil-slicked wash than a wave, I guess...) wash away the desire. So, I watched "Always Outnumbered", which was perfect, because I've recently been getting a bad string of movies where they all turn out to be romantic junk that's just depressing. Still, it does make me think about the path I've taken... which makes the whole sitting down to work on PyOpenGL thing even less likely.

Stopped myself from calling 4 or 5 different people all through the day. Bothering people just because I'm lonely isn't particularly nice behaviour. Maybe I'll just go to bed, tomorrow I can go see grams and have some human contact.


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