Am I really so boring? (Don't answer that...)

Went to a friend's birthday party this evening. Other than those I already knew, just about everyone was "highly successful", (particularly lots of lawyers and a doctor or two). Thing is, I didn't connect with any of them. That is, in the entire evening I didn't have a single conversation about anything interesting (with someone I didn't know before).

In a room full of intelligent people, I was basically a boring outsider tolerated because I was a friend of one of the guests of honour. I kept thinking I should leave to let the party be just the popular people, but then every single one of my friend's invitees would have left early, and that seemed like it would be a rather poor showing.

There was even dancing, which normally means that at least someone will be interested enough to dance in my general area. Instead I not only danced alone all evening, I danced alone while everyone else danced together.

Sure, these people all knew each other already, but that doesn't normally stop me from connecting with intelligent people. What was wrong with me this evening that I couldn't interest anyone in a conversation more than 3 minutes long? And why was everyone interested (though admittedly not very much) in my no longer being Bahá'í? I mean, it's been years... hardly seems worth mentioning, really.

Oh well, maybe I was just running on a different wavelength this evening. No harm done in going. I got to see my friend and wish her happy birthday, and for the first few hours got to see many other friends who'd been invited. Guess I just don't fit in that crowd.


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