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Does anyone else look at cool database hacks and shudder? (RDBMSs are tools of the devil I tells ya!)

On Sunday D'Arcy had me review some of his code. Then at the UU meeting last night I was reminded of it by some of the comments by the "database weenies" (actually nice guys, I'm just using it for dramatic effect) when a fairly green programmer mentioned that he knew MySQL and half the room ...

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Stupid bug/feature in Cygwin trashes the SIP demo (Blah and double-blah...)

So today something like 2.5 or 3 hours was spent on the SIP demo (specifically getting it installed on a laptop, and then figuring out why that didn't work). Problem is, while the demo itself is a simple set of executables with its support files all zipped up in a nice package, it still requires ...

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What I would do if I wasn't doing contract work only... (Speculative learning for the short term...)

Seems as though VoIP is becoming a hot topic. I should probably sit down for a week and master Shtoom so that we could offer custom VoIP work using it. Dave seems very up on the codebase, and my review of it for the SIP pager project certainly seemed to suggest that it's worth investigation ...

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Apparently I depress Bryan (Well, my blog does...)

Bryan noted at dinner this evening that my blog makes him feel sorry (for himself, not me). I think the depression actually comes from sitting in a room all day staring at a computer. Computers are evil I tells ya! EEEEVVVIIIILLL! It just happens that my blog is on the computer when the depression hits. ...

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Have to figure out a better billing scheme ($2025 for 1.5 weeks of work just isn't functional...)

The root of the problem, of course, is discounting the time spent on learning, the time spent working through problems with libraries, etceteras. The "debugging is free" stuff is probably not a great idea either.

When I look at it over the last week-and-a-half, I've spent more than 60 hours on various aspects of the ...

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