FreeGLUT support mostly working (Minor problems with the string-rendering...)

Okay, went with implementing the FreeGLUT wrappers. They are basically working now, though I can't test the mouse-wheel (I don't have a mouse-with-wheel configured on Linux).

Biggest annoyance is that only the first line of text is getting rendered with the string-rendering code. I tried using u_byte arrays (which is how arrays are normally handled throughout OpenGL-ctypes), but with no luck. Eventually wound up defining as c_char_p to get ctypes base converter invoked, but that's just not right.

I'm getting core-dumps with the u_byte arrays, the strlen( ) call seems to be failing because it doesn't find a NULL at the end of the string, so runs off into someone else's address space. I suppose I should make a converter that adds NULL to the end of the array (unlike the default u_byte array, which is used for all sorts of non-NULL-terminated data-types).


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