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More work on letting the SIP demo work stand-alone (PyTable driver for PySQLite progresses...)

SQLite is a fairly straightforward engine, but it feels far less evolved than PostgreSQL, or even MySQL (which itself feels less evolved than PostgreSQL). It provides a set of "pragma" commands to make it easy to query the current database schema (perform introspection).

The thing about these attempts to make it easier to do ...

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Alexei's new portfolio site (Gee, it's been a while since I've seen him...)

Alexei and I used to hang around a lot. What with him moving to China we don't seem to do that any more. He's a renaissance type of person, with a strong focus on the artistic side. He just put up a site showing some of his works. Enjoy it at your leisure, gentle readers.

Oh, yes, the games (Instant Karma gets her...)

Didn't wind up having Natasha or Lara come over to grams' place with me, so it was a one-on-one tournament. Of course, grams wound up bragging to all and sundry about how she was going to beat me, so the universe decided to teach her a lesson.

Final score was 4 games to 1 (for ...

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Well, they compile, install, and have the right contents (Of course we have no testing code for any of these 183 extensions...)

How does one go about testing/verifying 183 extensions when one only has 15 or so extensions available on one's graphics card?

Simple, one does not.

I'm going to write a few tests to make sure that the general approach works, but I'm intending to let users who care about particular extensions write tests and submit ...

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String-schlepping for fun and profit (Well... not really much fun... and I don't make any money on this...)

Still working on getting the OpenGL extensions to compile. The bulk of the extensions compile fine, but there are new pointer-types being defined that are causing problems. I would guess I could just manually copy the appropriate definitions into the swig files, I just want to avoid too much manual maintenance of these files.

183 ...

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