Well, they compile, install, and have the right contents (Of course we have no testing code for any of these 183 extensions...)

How does one go about testing/verifying 183 extensions when one only has 15 or so extensions available on one's graphics card?

Simple, one does not.

I'm going to write a few tests to make sure that the general approach works, but I'm intending to let users who care about particular extensions write tests and submit fixes back to me (I can't run the tests without suitable hardware, but would still be useful to have the tests collected as well).

For tonight, however, I am for to sleep. Tomorrow I'll have to help Rosey set up her new desk (read: "have to set up her new desk for her ;) "). It's also her first day of full-time teaching. Good luck, Rosey!

Did I mention the 183 extensions... there's 183 of them...


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