The remains of the day (Pre-meeting...)

Before the meeting I spent much of the day working on a presentation for PyGTA next Tuesday. Basically I'm focussing on New Style classes and all the features and implications they have. Particularly focussing on the descriptor API.

I've been using descriptors for a long time now. They are the basis of both OpenGLContext's VRML97 fields and BasicProperty's properties. Describing the API as "new", is somewhat strange as a result. Doesn't everyone use these things (technically, yes, as every function/method is in fact a descriptor (that's what produces unbound/bound instance methods from the simple functions stored in a class' dictionary))?

Still need quite a bit of work on the presentation, but that will likely wait until the weekend. We decided @ the meeting that I'll take over the Hotspot project to try to take some of the load off Tim. Probably mean going up to ACI on Friday to try to hammer out a spec for what's intended wrt deliverables for the project.


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