wxoo fixes (Wooing developers into using BasicProperty, PyTable and wxoo)

Realised when asked a few days ago that I'd left wxoo sitting right in the middle of a major rewrite. The rewrite was necessitated by the wxPython 2.5 API changes. Those changes were... let's just say "nontrivial", and unfortunately, the new wxPython APIs changed as I was in the middle of doing the upgrade (reversing some of the changes I'd just made).

I got frustrated with what were essentially arbitrary new restrictions (wxPython 2.5 requires that you write just about everything so that it runs after the application object is created, while 2.4 lets you create simple structures (colours, icons, and the like) before the app is created in order to readily share them (my code was littered with such shared resources)) and stopped doing the conversion with the idea that I'd wait until the API stabilised so that I wouldn't have to keep redoing the changes. (And, of course, the hope that the new restrictions might loosen... they didn't).

Since I haven't been doing any wxPython work for almost a year, I never got back to doing the conversion (until tonight). Most of the test suite now runs. There's a few weird effects and a hard crash or two still remaining, but basically it's 2.5 compatible now.

Would be nice if I had some wxPython projects again to really exercise the codebase. Oh well, not likely to show up any time soon.


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