Nope, more Cinemoning (No wonder everyone else requires $100,000 servers...)

Bryan remarked on slow changes to the online views after the offline event yesterday. It's an artefact of our (delicately balanced) scanning method, which tries to make sure that we're not overloading the processor or network while still trying to quickly report changes to the status of groups in the network.

Problem is, it doesn't really care about the modem's status, it loses interest once it determines that a group isn't changing state any more and goes back to a leisurely scanning pace... which can leave modems hanging around in incorrect states for an hour or two until the scanner gets around to asking them how they're doing (on networks without full hierarchy maps, anyway).

Oh well, more balancing parameters tomorrow I suppose :) . At least it kept me from booting into Linux and getting frustrated with FreeVO this evening.


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