Most of the day disappears in getting dependencies built (And still it disappears...)

Wound up going down to Givex to work with D'Arcy on the EFT server. Spent most (almost all) of the time getting NetBSD packages set up for BasicProperty and PyTable, then getting a PyGreSQL driver written (and debugged) for PyTable (D'Arcy won't even install PyPgSQL).

Still problems with the PyGreSQL driver that I'm intending to fix this evening (plus one that D'Arcy will be checking into PyGreSQL), but I can't get the dratted PyGreSQL to compile on Win32 any more :( . I remember that there's some non-intuitive but trivially simple "key" to building libpq.dll, I just can't recall what it was (I seem to recall it involved copying a file up one level, or running a makefile from a different directory, or something silly like that), and of course it's not documented in any of the readmes or other docs distributed with PostgreSQL (which don't even mention that there's any reason you'd be building on Win32 non-CYGWIN).

RDBMSs are naught but make-work projects, I begin to think ;) .

[Ah, and 10 seconds after posting this, discovered the secret, it's not nmake win32.mak, it's nmake /f win32.mak, though why the dratted thing doesn't complain with the first form I don't know]


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