Bugs and refactoring all day (Yawn...)

Spent the day on customer work. Stupid little set of bugs cropped up in some seldom-used code. Sigh. Test coverage could be better. Spent a few hours on further refactoring as well, including adding lots of tests. Kind of stalled on one test where the test fails, but the code works perfectly well on the dev server.

That's the worst case for me in test driven development, I know it's just going to turn out to be something wrong in the test case, some little side effect of running the code all at once. It really makes me want to just skip the test, but if I do that then when something breaks I'll never know. It's just so frustrating when it takes 2 or 3 times as long to write and debug the test as to write the original code. Oh well, suck it up, I suppose.


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