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Needing a package for doing graph-layout (Not a graphing package, a graph-layout package...)

Spent a few hours today trying to figure out the 'graph' views for Cinemon. Problem is, the graphs need to be active, that is, moderately interactive, with all sorts of hyperlinks from within them. Graphing packages are focused more on static graphs, so they don't seem to allow for specifying interactive features of the graph ...

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Just in case she tries to claim she was entirely bored (Tim provides photographic evidence...)

Tim, as many of you know, is quite a good photographer. Unfortunately the lighting last night was pretty bad, still, he managed to snap this shot of Marjan so we can use it against her, should she ever sue us to get those 3.5 hours of her life back again.

That almost worked (Too keyed up to sleep, so did a few hours of work on Cinemon)

Couldn't sleep again, so I spent a couple of hours on Cinemon after that last post. Nothing too complex, just cleaning things up so that "dangerous" options don't show up and pointless nesting can't occur.

D'Arcy hasn't called yet (though some jerk with a fax machine phoned at 7:55am this morning), so I'm thinking I'll ...

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