PyOpenGL 3.0.0b3 without a Jukebox

Spent the day mostly on PyOpenGL.  Released a new beta3 of 3.0.0, mostly just a bug-fix release.  Also hacked up a test/demo of a vertex-buffer-object data-storage mechanism that seems to work quite elegantly.

I was intending to build a Celestial Jukebox... then I actually sat down and described it to Dave at the caffe.  He's ridiculously positive about all things cool and tech... and he didn't bat an eye at it... along with two other complete yawn-responses made me realize it's not really all that interesting as a project.

So, no PyGTA topic prepared yet.  Maybe I should work up some GPGPU stuff in PyOpenGL tomorrow, people have data they want to process, maybe they want to process it on their graphics cards.


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