PyCon paper writing goes well (Though there was a section missing in the outline)

Started working on writing the paper for my PyCon presentation. Did about 3 pages from the first section (of 5), so likely going to be around 15 printed pages of text, with quite a few code listings as well. Idea is to have the paper provide in-depth exploration and usage details so that the presentation can focus on the "big ideas".

In other news, need to decide whether I have time to explore IronPython. I'm sure it would be a good move for my programming carreer (Egads! Do I really have a programming carreer? When did that happen? How?), and I'd really like to get into the CLR, but I honestly don't know if I have enough time to take on yet another pro-bono project. Going to sleep on it.

Ominously, my eyes have been feeling itchy and scratchy all evening. Rosey is home sick from school due to an eye infection... I could really use not getting sick about now, especially with something that makes it hard to see (and thus to work).

In other news, something caused cmon2 to run out of ram this evening (seems to be leaking much faster with the new throttling code). It was also running at 98% of CPU for some reason (again, probably the throttling code). There was also a bug with the rescan-after-CMTS-reboot code (which doesn't get much exercising). Finally, there's reports coming in that the ancient-code version running on cmon is needing attention. Sigh.


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