I need a break (Or an 8 week intensive course on test-fixture-creation...)

Just downloaded Picasa from Google and let it search my hard-disks for images. Lots of very old projects showed up that never made it to my portfolio. The image to the left is from a (real-world) project way back when I was still thinking of practicing real-world architecture (as well as the virtual kind). It's an interior design for a building that was about 20 feet wide and 100 long, with windows only on the 20-foot sides.

As for Picasa, haven't actually done anything with it. Seems like a nice enough little application.

It wasn't a great design, and it never got built, but I needed a break from staring at Cinemon trying to figure out why it didn't reset the modem identities when the CMTS rebooted yesterday.


  1. x

    x on 01/20/2005 2:31 p.m. #

    I *love* the wading pool concept for the floors. More buildings could use a few inches of cool sparkling water gently lapping a the walls.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 01/20/2005 4:17 p.m. #

    *poke* don't you have work to do instead of criticising my Circa 1995 tile renderings, Mister Tim?<br />
    <br />
    :) ;) :)

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