Resetting didn't occur because it wasn't wired up (Still need a test fixture to test the situation...)

Think I figured out why the CMTS-reset situation wasn't getting handled correctly. It was never wired up to do the actual checks to see if there had been a reboot (though it was retrieving the data to allow the check). Spent much of the day on that and one other bug, as well as on moving the new code to the test server. Seems to be running fine over there (including the data-history collection).

Tomorrow afternoon I'm meeting John to discuss IronPython, then back here for more exciting Cinemon hacking, unless Stephen happens to finish the templates and get back in touch with me. Got part of the CMTS-reset test in place, the part that triggers the sysUpTime value to reset. The hard part is going to be shuffling the CMTS's tables... may just wind up regenerating them... but even that needs instrumentation to be sure that every modem is properly migrating.

Sigh. Anyway, that's all for tomorrow. For now, I'll watch The Daily Show and then off to sleep.


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