More Picassa goodness (Ooh, look, old projects resurrected...)

This is an old project I designed way back in the Holodesk days. It was a simple "workshop" space with a demo (a personal information manager display, written using Zope for the non-3D parts of the UI).

I rather liked the effect of the space, which was extremely lightweight, but gave a rather rich look due to lighting effects.

The UI is the standard Holodesk UI with Cosmo Player (SGI's VRML browser) embedded in the middle of it. The avatar in the lower right is one of my designs (Trawler), as is the presentation itself. Your avatar was displayed to give you visual feedback on what you look like to others, including what actions you were taking. A little (originally graphical, later textual or graphical) menu popped up when you moused over your avatar to let you choose whatever actions were defined in your avatar-actions file.

In the right window bay you can see one of my "presenter" objects (slideshows that could load images and/or PPT slides with shared whiteboarding in whatever colour you liked). It's somewhat hard to see from this angle, but there was a file-sharing visualisation in the middle of the floor in the left window bay. The PIM never made it into the product, though it did get demoed at a conference at the University of Toronto.


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