That was a fun little party (Even though I do seem to have offended at least one lady...)

Went over to Dan's place for a potluck party. Lots of interesting folks. Had quite a few interesting conversations, on design, design theory, religion (where the lady got offended), politics, technology (solar, wind, hydrogen economies), computers (and some work), and other things I've forgotten.

Tried to practice my listening a little, but at least three or four times during the night I found myself jumping in on top of other people. I just don't get enough of a chance to talk about these things... I want to share all these ideas that I have and it winds up monopolising conversations sometimes.

My contribution to the potluck didn't travel at all well. When it was fresh and hot it was good enough to walk all the way to Rose's room just to let her taste it. By the time it had sat for 3 hours and then been re-heated it had lost much of its charm. Guess I won't be making that for a potluck again.

Spent a lot of the time talking with Charlene, whom I could have sworn I knew from somewhere (maybe Simon's party). She was at Waterloo at the same time I was, but we didn't hang out in the same places. She was fun, her husband was a lot quieter, but seemed interesting and thoughtful as well when he spoke.


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