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Clockwise versus counter-clockwise geometry strikes again (Shadow code is sensitive to the problem as well...)

Sat down to figure out why the shadow-rendering context in OpenGLContext has such problems with the tessellations of Jelle's project. First thing I wound up doing was backing out earlier changes to try to get the VBO extension working, then had to back-port the Python 2.3 PyInt_AsUnsignedLongMask function so that the typemaps for long integers ...

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OpenGL just seems so messy (Providing "natural" semantics for a low-level API...)

Was just reading through the GLEWpy source-code for the ARB vertex-buffer-object extension. It's basically about the same level as the auto-generated SWIG, or ctypes interfaces. It should work fine, but it doesn't feel natural. Brian's interface looks a lot more natural to me, but it's also a lot more code.

I just have this nagging ...

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It would be so much easier if I had hardware with these extensions... (Oh well, gives me an excuse ;) )

Spent a few hours reviewing and trying to integrate Brian's Vertex Buffer Object extension patch. It was made against the 2.0.1 release (my fault, I've been slow getting to it), so there was a bit of migration work to do. Problem is, the migration to SWIG 1.2.23 seems to have changed how the new vertex-pointer ...

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That was a fun little party (Even though I do seem to have offended at least one lady...)

Went over to Dan's place for a potluck party. Lots of interesting folks. Had quite a few interesting conversations, on design, design theory, religion (where the lady got offended), politics, technology (solar, wind, hydrogen economies), computers (and some work), and other things I've forgotten.

Tried to practice my listening a little, but at least three ...

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