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Week fills up rather quickly (Seems like just yesterday it was going to be quiet and productive...)

Shiva and Shademan prodded me into action on the games night, so we're going to do Scrabble and Cranium on Friday. Also found out Rosey is planning to do a little gathering here on Thursday night. That leaves just tomorrow evening to do the extra-project work I want to get done this week.

Can't say ...

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Changing strings to tuples has far-reaching effects (PySNMP optimisation might constitute a fork?)

Today I spent almost exclusively on getting the tuple-based OID code worked through PySNMP, TwistedSNMP and Cinemon. The changes were far more extensive than I was hoping. They are mostly integrated, but it's going to take a few more hours to track down all of the string-assumptive code.

Anyway, the OID class now seems fairly ...

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