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Ah, so this is why people want terabytes of storage (30hrs seems so restrictive when two people are sharing a PVR)

MythTV is basically set up and ready-to-ignore. MythWeb is running again (and provides a slightly better UI than mythfrontend for scheduling shows, though I miss the 2-clicks-to-schedule ease-of-use from ATI's Windows software).

I've got Samba set up so that Rosey's machine can access the audio, image and video collections. Rosey's machine has codecs and handlers ...

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Hmm, init.d scripts are more involved than I thought (Refuses to shut down the tv-colour-correcting script)

Have reformatted the media drive, and moved the "heavy" multimedia content (audio, video, images) onto it. That frees up a good amount of space on the root and "user" drives.

Enabled mythweb, but haven't yet figured out how to get Myth to automatically rename the movies to something that Rose's machine is going to be ...

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