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Why don't I just find some university somewhere that'll give room, board and computer for teaching? (To need only think, teach, and grow... with occasional faculty meetings)

So I wound up spending the whole work-day on PySNMP and TwistedSNMP (after I finally got home from the long meeting and getting a haircut). Turns out I broke compatibility with the official PySNMP when I released the last TwistedSNMP version. Oops, fixed that, also put out a snapshot of the patched PySNMP so people ...

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Oh, and a second cousin once removed? (I lose track of how it works after second cousin...)

Our cousin's sister-in-law had a baby last month, so we will be heading off to the christening-like ceremony this Sunday, probably take grams along if she feels up for it. Unfortunately, the new mother also had a stroke last month. She's out of hospital now, but apparently it was not a minor stroke (she's a ...

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Very long first day back at work (Tomorrow likely a write-off...)

Did more work on the last "major feature" for Cinemon on the 1.0 list. Of course, compared to some things on the "minor feature" list, this one has been fairly straightforward (once I remembered to KISS). Along the way I fixed a few bugs, had a few laughs (oh, wait, no, no I didn't), drank ...

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