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What about a "we're ignoring this person, so you may as well block them" service (DDOS protection?)

Was just struck by this idea. Imagine for a moment that you publish a key in your DNS records which holds a "banning key" (a public-key certificate). Now, when you are writing software to deal with a DDOS, you record the IP addresses which are unambiguously participating in the attack (that's the annoying part with ...

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Oops, seem to have lost consciousness there (Luckily I made it to bed first...)

Apparently still a little wasted energy-wise, did a few hours of work and then just couldn't stay awake, so went back to bed. Don't actually feel any more rested now, but I'm semi-vertical again, and that's the important thing.

Had this nagging itch to call Natasha yesterday. Finally around 3 or 4 in the morning ...

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Alive: take 2 (When headaches recede...)

I think I can tentatively declare myself healthy again. The coffee is even reasonable tasting (yesterday it tasted like dishwater). There's still a bit of a throbbing behind one temple, and every few minutes I have the urge to lie down, but all in all I seem to be human again.

Had a flash a ...

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