Up at some ungodly hour tomorrow (Today went well, though still no movement on presentation...)

Today's work was ~1/2 prep for a meeting on Monday about a time-critical, but fairly small project for ACI, and 1/2 cleanup of the Cinemon codebase. I dropped 60+ files from the project that were basically just old-code relics hanging around. There's still a few sub-packages that I didn't remove because I figure I may want to crib something from them some day, but for the most part the code that's there is now actually the code that's running on the live system.

You just have to do that kind of cleaning every once in a while, but particularly when you start thinking about bringing new programmers into the project. Having a dozen important-looking files hanging around which are entirely unconnected to the current code-base is a sure way to confuse someone trying to get a handle on a codebase.

After work was Rosey's potluck dinner. I figured I needed to attend it this time (have remained in my room working the last two times, and it tends to be kinda awkward, what with some of the people coming being closer friends to me than to Rosey).

Was a very pleasant evening. Shane, Brandon and I got into a fun little debate about pacifism, for instance. Think I'm going to enjoy getting to know him, if for no other reason than that his interests and mine (and Shanes) are very similar. It did, however, supplant my planned presentation time (again!) Lara brought Rosey and I a bouquet of salmon-shot-with-red roses. Very pretty (was also struck by how "put together" she looked tonight (coming from work), sometimes you forget that the women you hang around are beautiful), but I almost sneezed all over the table when I leaned over them to put a dish on the table.

For the second week in a row, an entire kilogram of boneless-skinless chicken legs went off before we got around to cooking them. Result was that we wound up serving the leftover mole from two days ago instead of the planned chicken dish... good thing we had it, as we wound up with no leftover main course dish from the entire meal... generally a sign that there wasn't quite enough food (there were lots of other leftovers, though).

Right now I'm needing to use paper and pen to sketch out the remainder of the presentation, as it seems every time I sit down to type in the presentation software I'm wandering away to do something else.

Something for the bus up to Aurora I guess. For now, need to get to sleep so I can be up in seven and a quarter hours for my two hour commute.


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