That was the sound of a day popping! (All gone...)

The meeting didn't go all day, but pretty close. After that I wound up spending an hour writing up notes from it for everyone involved.

Now on to the PyCon packing... but wait... a client has decided to move a fairly large, largely un-tested new project live because there was a snafu somewhere and they are now sitting without any solution whatsoever... sigh. 3/4 of an hour of debugging later, turns out the client code is making mistakes, databases have incorrect permissions, etceteras. Just lots of "going live" problems, not really code errors, but it means D'Arcy is off doing that instead of getting ready for tomorrow (me too, until just now).

We do have a hotel. For some silly reason registered it under D'Arcy's name instead of mine.

Okay, need to get packing some time soon...


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