Nurbs working in OpenGL-ctypes (Should have been writing...)

Wasn't really in the mood to write this afternoon, so I spent a few hours on OpenGL-ctypes. The nurbs support is pretty much finished, all of the tests I have work fine, including the callback test that didn't work under PyOpenGL. There's still problems where the slowdown on NURBS rendering winds up completely k-o-ing the rendering loops, but that's always been there, it's a usage problem, not a problem with the NURBS code itself.

Also fixed a bug in OpenGLContext where the VRML viewer didn't handle the case where PyGame was installed but the font module wasn't available.

There's the quadric callback mechanism left still-to-do in GLU, but that's about it. Next task on OpenGL-ctypes should be a Win32 port. Then go through GLUT and make sure we've got everything working properly, then GL itself... after that maybe a few big extensions and we're ready for a first alpha. Then comes the fun part of optimising the code.

However, after a brief rest, tonight needs to be a writing night, not a coding night. I'm now officially in the mood to write :) .


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