Customary belly-button gazing (As age creeps away with my youth...)

Something XXX mentioned yesterday, in the context of marrying young (i.e. around 15): "why should men be denied sex at their sexual peak?" which, of course, got me thinking about age and wasted youth. Worse, it got me thinking about mortality and all the ways we try to ensure that we live on beyond this life. Not the cheeriest thoughts in the world, really.


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    x on 03/31/2005 5:38 a.m. #

    Builds character. Puts hair on their chests. In our society it seems to me many fellows have a hard time "growing up" by the time they're 30 let alone being anywhere near mature enough to handle the <i>potential</i> consequences of sex at 15. But that being said... a lot of 15 year olds do not deny themselves despite, or ironically because of, this... <br />
    <br />
    Seems the idea of sex being connected to babies is a little disconnected in this day and age? Naturally, of course, it probably <i>is</i> more disconnected than it ever has been... as <i>many</i> things are. Yet, there is, oddly enough, still a connection there somewhere... sometimes... and the implications can be pretty staggering when they appear. <br />
    <br />
    But finally, i'm not sure I buy the "peak" business. There are many ways to define "peaks". But then of course another sad tendency of this modern world is to define everything in terms of physicality (which still has many interpretations possible, but even within its narrow bounds, the narrowest view of the animal is so often taken for some reason, it seems to me). Sad world... in my humble (and no doubt wrong) opinion. <br />
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