I hate it when I introduce bugs without realising it (How long... has this b'n goin' on...)

Spent most of the day sleeping... just catching up on the week's sleep deficit, really. Around the various naps I've been trying to figure out what's gone wrong with OpenGLContext. Every other time it tries to do a swap buffers (in any of the GUI libraries) the swap occurs, but then reverts to the original buffer again, which makes the display flash one frame forward, then back, then forward two frames.

It's not all that noticable if there's only trivial changes between frames, but it's not reasonable behaviour at all. The worst part is that I didn't catch it when it went in, so I don't even know which of the major changes I need to revert to get back to a functional engine. Sigh.

In PyOpenGL news, Brian Leair is working on the Vertex Buffer Object extension again, going to require an upgrade (again) to SWIG 1.3.24. Wish SWIG would stabilise their API some day so that these upgrades aren't such a pain.


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