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No 2.0.0 final release (But the context-class-choosing script is working...)

Realised that the script that allows the user to choose a favourite context class (i.e. which GUI system they prefer to use) was totally broken. Rewrote it, creating a new "MouseOver" proto to make creating buttons a little easier. It's not a full button proto, but with it creating such a button is pretty easy. ...

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Yay, Blender builds (The Gentoo gnomes quietly fix another annoyance...)

The Blender build has been broken on my box for ages, but I'm so hard-wired to using 3DSMax that I never bothered to figure out why while I still had Windows about. Blender's keyboard-requiring interface is extremely non-intuitive to me... I learn the keyboard by pointing at what I want to do and being told ...

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Found it (And it was a known bug...)

Turns out the problem I was seeing on OpenGLContext was actually a known bug (I think there's even a patch on SourceForge to fix it for wxPython, I just hadn't realised it could show up under PyGame and GLUT (I don't have wxPython built on this machine at the moment).

Basically, the buffer was being ...

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