Ah the joys of car-less-ness in the hinterlands (It gets expensive and/or awkward very fast...)

Well, turns out that the only one available to take YYY to Ottawa is lil' ol' me. We're borrowing a friend (Brenda)'s car and I'm driving her (and likely Fuzzy Bear) in to Ottawa in a couple of hours. I'm always a little apprehensive about borrowing someone's car, but when it's someone you don't even know (I've never even met her, and may not even when I pick up the car)... well...

Also considered just packing YYY up into a cab (there are no cars available for rent today), it's about $120 to do that, versus $72 for a car rental. Turns out that the bus and the train are both no-gos (there's only 1 bus/day!). If it was my money, I'd just put her in the cab (I know, I know, it's nicer to be seen off to the airport, but she's not exactly tied to her mother's apron-strings any more). Of course, we couldn't return Fuzzy that way, but we're not sure about whether Brenda is willing to have him in her car anyway.

Anyway, going to leave around 2, which means I'm going to have to take the puppy out for a walk in half an hour. Amazing how time is telescoping out... 6:30 flight, 5:30 to handle bording/security, 3:30 to allow for dropping off Fuzzy (since I don't know Ottawa, we're expecting I'll get at least a little lost), then 2:30 to deal with the potential for the car breaking down, then 2:00 because YYY went over to a friends so I'm going to have to find her friend's place before we can actually get out of town, then 1:30 to allow for picking up the car at Brenda's, then 1:00 to walk the puppy beforehand.

After I get back I'm going to head over to XXX's choral performance. Ooh, just realised I need to print out instructions for how to get to Ottawa.


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