Very productive day (Major feature finished for 2.0)

Spent the bulk of the day on two projects. The first was eliminating stalls in the scanning process where the scanner is processing huge numbers of modems. Previously I was using a batching mechanism (actually, multiple batching mechanisms) that was (were) rather fragile and required lots of testing for each mechanism.

Started off looking for a Twisted tool that would let me do the operation, but couldn't find anything in the docs that looked promising, so I coded one up myself. It worked fairly well, but every once in a while it would do a double callback for the whole system... not a huge problem, but annoying. This evening, Itamar pointed out the (new) DeferredSemaphore, which makes the pattern much simpler, though it does given up the built-in "how far have you come" feature I was using.

In the middle there, I pretty much finished implementing a major 2.0 feature, one that should sell at least a couple of units all by itself.


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