These productive days are killing me (It's not the productivity, it's the length)

So, for the second day, I work 9+ straight hours w/out a break other than to grab more coffee and cookies. Sitting here at the end of that, with my hands chutneyed, and my eyes blurring from fatigue I suddenly think "why?"

It's nice that the test suite is running again. It's nice that the XMLRPC interface is finally working. It's nice that the new code is now running on the live server. It's good that the creation bug is squashed and the creation pages have been made more flexible.

But in the end, couldn't all of that have waited a day or two?

Anyway, I'm considering taking a day off on Friday as flex time. Need to do some carreer-related work some day soon, and I don't seem to get it done on the regular weekends.


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