1. Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller on 05/13/2005 8:47 a.m. #

    The generated code looks nicer with decorator syntax<br />
    <pre><br />
    @cdecl(None, 'libGL', [GLclampf, GLclampf, GLclampf, GLclampf])<br />
    def glBlendColor(red, green, blue, alpha):<br />
    # /usr/include/GL/gl.h 1652<br />
    return glBlendColor._api_(red, green, blue, alpha)<br />
    </pre><br />
    but that wasn't your point.<br />
    <br />
    The reason I did it in that way is that a Python function is generated, which could also be changed manually.<br />
    I did not find a way to reliably detect an empty function body, in that case I would have commented out the<br />
    <pre> return glBlendColor._api_(red, green, blue, alpha)</pre> line. Wouldn't also this function behave correctly in pydoc?<br />
    <br />
    Please note that I would prefer to discuss all this on the ctypes-users list instead of blog comments, but I'm sure you will post your findings there...<br />

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 05/13/2005 9:15 a.m. #

    Can't really use the decorators if we want to support Python 2.2. I'm intending to post to ctypes-users when I've actually figured out what works, rather than just tossing in random "I'm trying this now" posts... maybe I should; a little randomness never hurt anyone.

  3. Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller on 05/13/2005 1:15 p.m. #

    I hope you mean Python 2.3, not 2.2? ctypes does require the former.

  4. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 05/13/2005 1:53 p.m. #

    Hmm, had meant 2.2. Didn't realise ctypes was 2.3+. I suppose we can ditch 2.2 compatability... the old versions will still be around for the 2.2 users.

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