Give the gift of Gentoo (It really is that Christmas-morning feeling that makes it all worthwhile...)

While I've been working, I've had Gentoo working on upgrades and repairs. Mostly I got tired of all the little hacks here and there, so I updated Myth to get the backported patch for the hour-off problem. Then I un-masked Qt 3.4 and un-used a few use flags that would always cause subversion and kde-graphics (USEs berkdb and gphoto2 respectively) to fail during compilation. Then masked the emul-linux packages that keep complaining.

Which is a very long-winded and boring way of saying "I fixed things so that the system could again take care of its own upgrades". Then I told it to
emerge -avuDt world

And in a few short hours, I'll have a KDE 3.4 desktop, with OpenOffice 1.9.x (already installed), MythTV, and everything else, all freshly installed and ready to do my bidding.

Of course, I leave for Cornwall Wednesday, but the box will still be here to do my bidding, I just won't be sitting in front of it. I need to figure out a better email solution for the trip. I'm seriously considering moving all of my general email over to Vex as IMAP folders and using Squirrel Mail while I'm away. Don't really want the private stuff on a public server, though I suppose, really, that no-one would actually care to look.

Also considering setting up an IMAP server here, but that seems a little involved for the amount of time I spend away from home.


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