Run Snake Run (A Python hotshot profile loading/display GUI)

Well, as mentioned earlier (yesterday), it takes far too long to load the HotShot profiler dumps. So, I wrote my own little loader/viewer package. It processes about 70,000 records/second, which lets it load a profile fairly quickly, but it's not blazingly fast by any means.

What makes it useful/cool is that it loads the dump incrementally, displaying the partial results as it goes. It's still pretty crude on the GUI side, but it does allow for all the basic sorting interactions. It needs to have a few more tricks, such as retaining selections across sorts/updates, reporting aggregate values (e.g. percentages), and generally working more cleanly, but it does allow for far more reasonable profiling iterations so I'm reasonably happy with the evening's work.

Will get it packaged up and ready to distribute when I get a chance.


  1. Dobes

    Dobes on 01/04/2006 7:46 p.m. #

    Hi, I'm currently trying to view hotshot profiles and I'd love to have a faster viewer - do you still have this tool and can I try it ?<br />
    <br />
    Thanks!!!<br />
    <br />

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